No one has ever become poor by giving !

The Red Cross unit is involved in number of campaign to fulfill the above aims & objectives of the Red Cross Society. During the financial year 2014-15 key activities taken up are as under:-


Membership : The total membership of DRCS upto 31-3-2016 is 1085 including patrons-6 and vice patron-17. During the period under report the DRCS enrolled 04 members as a Life Members

Financial Assistance : The total membership of DRCS upto 31-3-2016 is 1085 including patrons-6 and vice patron-17. During the period under report the DRCS enrolled 04 members as a Life Members


The District Red Cross Society borne the expenses of Annual Mela of State Hospital Welfare Section held' on 13th June, 2015 at Padamdev Complex, Shimla atountino to Rs.1, 86,326/- out of its funds.


On the occasion of International Disability Day 212 Warmers worth Rs.50. 166/-v,dere distributed to 212 inmates of Deaf and Dum School at Dhalli Shimla and other similar institutions by the DRCS.

  • 20 Nos. Blankets were provided to Police Station Boileau Ganj & others
  • On 15th August, 2015 an amount of Rs. 5,000/- as reward was given to Constable Kuldeep Singh for appreciating of his duties.
  • On Diwali Festival Inner's and lunch Boxes were distributed among the inmates of Tuti Kandi Ashram worth Rs. 18,275/-.
  • Bulk SMS( One lac SMS) To BSNL customers regarding Jaundice awareness message worth Rs 15000
  • An Amount of Rs. 1, 00,000/- was sent to Deputy Commissioner Kullu for the help of Kik' Distt Fire victims.
  • The DRCS provides,' beddings in Red Cross Sarai Rs.40- per bed to the persons visiting different hospitals alongwith their attendants.
  • To facilitate the illiterate and poor villagers A Help Ce-ntre of DRCS is functioning in DDUZH, Shimla. The volunteer posted in his centre is v-ovichng necessary guidance to the persons visiting the hospital for seeking medical help, tests and X-ray etc.
  • The DRCS is running a Cloth Bank in its Sarai Bhawan. The cloths so donated by the peoples are further being distributed to the poor and destitute persons.


Facilities Amount
Ambulances Rs. 4,54,615.00
Funeral Van Rs. 1,68,269.00
Rent Rs. 3,50,880.00
Interest on deposits Rs. 55,116.00
Donations Rs. 1,87,560.00
Membership Rs. 4000.00
Raffle Draw 3
Total income: Rs. 13, 25,670.00

Income and Expenditure of Distt. Red Cross Society Shimla.

Year Income Expenditure
2013-14 Rs. 43,63,544.00 Rs. 32,66,265.00
2014-15 Rs. 50,44,503.00 Rs. 37,812347.0,0
2015-16 Rs. 13,25,970.00 Rs. 30,84,265.00
2016-17 Rs. 28,19,010.00 Rs. 17 69,481.00

FDR's with Banks as on today.

Name of Bank Amount
Bank of India Rs. 3099862.00
H.P.State Co.op. Bank Rs. 2377643.00
Total Rs. 5477505.00

Financial Assistance to the Poor and Needy

Year No of Beneficiaries Financial Assistance
2013-14 743 Rs. 4,56,050.00
2014-15 749 Rs. 6,51,576.00
2015-16 820 Rs.7,38,630.00
2016-17 (Upto June 2016) 96 Rs. 53,610.00

Sarai Facilities:-

The District Red Cross Society, Shimla is providing Sarai facilities to the patients and their attendants visiting different hospital at Shimla at nominal rates of Rs. 40/- per bed.

Ambulance Service

Year No of Patients No of Patients rovided free Service
2013-14 3,651 5 persons were provided free Ambulance Services from IGMC to their villages.
2014-15 3,240 9 persons were provided Free Ambulance Services from IGMC to their villages.-
2015-16 1828 Eight persons were provided Free Ambulance services from IGMC - to their villages.
2016-17 513 One person was provided free service from IGMC Shimla to Shahtalai.

Free Ambulance Service to Cancer Patients

The Red Cross Society Shimla has started free Ambulance service from June 2014 to the Cancer patients from Medical College (Cart Road) to Cancer Hospital Shimla. During the year 2015-16, 1613 cancer patients were provided free ambulance service.

Year No of Beneficiaries
2014-15 1415
2015-16 1613
2016-17 (upto June 2016) 106

Dead Body Van

Year Income Expenditure
2014-15 Rs. 268917.00 Rs. 170135.00
2015-16 Rs. 168269.00 Rs. 145055.00
2016-17 (upto june 2016)

Cloth Bank

The Red Cross Society Shimla has established an 'Old Cloth Bank' under the control of Secretary, District Red Cross Society, Shimla to help the needy poor by way of providing old clothes which are donated by the affluent public. The Old Cloth Bank running in Red Cross Sarai Bhawan Near DDU Shimla. This year, more than 150 donors have donated the old clothes and these are further distributed among the needy poor.

Age Group Received Issued Closing Balance No of Beneficiaries
0-4 97 4 93 2
4-10 88 5 83 2
10-14 98 4 94 2
Adult Gents 361 18 343 7
Adult Ladies 282 2 280 1
Total 926 33 893 14


The Raffle Draw of District Red Cross Society Shimla is being held every year. The Raffle Draw Mela for the 2015-16 was organized at Rampur. An amount of Rs.24,92,581/- was collected through the sale of Raffle tickets during this year. The amount earned from Raffle Draw was utilized in the Red Cross activities like organizing camps, providing medical/financial aid to poor/needy patients.

Year Date Venue
2013-14 18/10/2013 The Ridge, Shimla
2014-15 09/11/2014 Rohru, District Shimla
2015-16 29 04 2016 Rampur District Shimla
2016-17 Date and venue for District Red Cross Mela is to be fixed

State Red Cross Mela is also organized by DRCS Shimla every year in the month of June.

Membership Progress

During the financial year 2015-16, an amount of Rs.1,91,560/- was collected through membership & donation from donors. The Detail of Members enrolled up to date is as under

Sub-Division Patron Vice-Patron Life members Total
Shimla 06 14 1072 1092
Rampur 02 -- 380 382
Rohru -- -- 318 318
Theog -- -- 176 176
Chopal 01 11 208 220
Total 09 25 2154 2188


The Red Cross Society, Shimla Unit is devoted to provide relief to the poor, needy, physically handicapped, victims of accidents and people affected adversely by providing financial/medical assistance. The society has provided financial/medical assistance worth Rs. 7,38,630/- to 830 persons during the financial year 2015-16. It is the endeavor of the society to assist more and more people to mitigate their sufferings.


The society has given employment to thirteen people to run the society continuously since last many years.


The society is providing Ambulance service to the patients who are referred to other medical institutions like IGMC Shimla, PGI Chandigarh, at rates lower than the market and free Ambulance service is also provided wherever required. An amount of Rs. 6,22,884/- was generated from Ambulance and Rs. 5,71,414/- spent on fuel, repair & maintenance during the year 2015-16. During the year 2015-16, ambulance service was provided to 1828 patients and eight patients were provided free ambulance service.


The Red Cross Society Shimla has been organizing various Blood donation, Medical check- up, Jaundice awareness camp in Shimla District


To accelerate the activities of Red Cross Society, the society has organized awareness camps on the occasion of State Level Shimla Utsav at Shimla and Holi Mela at Sujanpur Tira, in which, the society distributed pamphlets/brochures highlighting the activities undertaken by the society.

Detail of Financial Assistance

Year No. of Beneficiaries Financial Assistant
2013-14 743 456050.00
2014-15 749 651576.00
2015-16 820 738630.00